Sunday, August 14, 2011

Something I Love {Third Installment}

Beautiful is the way to describe Flagstaff. I am so grateful to be living here. Race and I would LOVE to settle here once Race finishes law school. {Have I told everyone that law school is Race's plan? I have such a smart, ambitious husband!} Today I went on a walk with the twin girls I am watching right now. They live in a beautiful neighborhood with a walkway going right through a foresty area. Walking through the trees and wildflowers was gorgeous. And the weather was perfect. It's so nice to have this time in Flagstaff right now even if we don't end up being able to settle here someday.

Beautiful trees and sky.

The view on our pathway.

Some pretty wildflowers.

A wildflower one of the girls took a picture of.

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  1. Pretty photos! And thanks for following girl! :) I hung out with twin girls today! I watch twin girls in nursery and they are 2 years old and ADORABLE! I want to steal em haha.

    Ashley Sloan